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Benzoin Absolute - Siam (Thailand)

Benzoin Absolute -  Siam (Thailand)
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Benzoin Absolute with ethanol - Siam (Thailand)

The absolute of Benzoin from Siam (Thailand) is extracted from the balsamic resin of the tree, Styrax tonkinensis. Even with the addition of 50% ethanol, the material is quite thick and sticky. The scent of this absolute is pleasant, delicate sweet balsamic with a distinct vanilla odor. It blends well with frankincense, myrrh, opoponax, cinnamon, calamus, vetiver and more.

Also known in many circles as Onycha Oil as described in the Bible, but is not made from Onycha, the snail-like mollusk from the Red Sea. If you are interested in Onycha, you may find it here.

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