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Benzoin Powder(Styrax benzoin)- Sumatra

Benzoin Powder(Styrax benzoin)- Sumatra
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Product Description

This fragrant Benzoin powder - Styrax benzoides - comes from Sumatra. For some of those who make their own incense blends and sticks, the powdered form makes this a little easier.

Benzoin resin has a sweet, balsamlike fragrance resembling vanilla. It does not have a very pleasing aroma by itself but when mixed with other ingredients, it develops into a wonderful aromatic pleasure.

Long used as an incense ingredient by many civilizations. Known in Europe during the middle ages as "Friar's Balsam." The natural gum is collected from deep incisions made into the tree trunk,it hardens on exposure to the air and is collected.

Benzoin is warm, relaxing and calming and is popular to use in the evening mixed with sandalwood. It has been known to stimulate imagination and creative work.

Per oz. (28 grams) $8.50
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