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Borneol Camphor - Japan

Borneol Camphor - Japan
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Borneol Camphor (natural) - Dryobalanops aromatica - from Japan.

Per 10 grams: $19.95
Per 25 grams: $47.25 Save 5%
Per 50 grams: $89.75 Save 10%
Per 100 grams: $120.00 Save 15%

From the magnificent camphor trees, considered holy by the Chinese, we are given the gift of the natural translucent crystals of borneol camphor.

Natural Borneol camphor has a sharp but smooth, cleansing and uplifting fragrance. Very little is needed to give any incense mixture a fresh aroma. Camphor is said to strengthen awareness and helpful in maintaining concentration. For this reason, it's often added to morning meditation incense mixtures.

Fragrant Borneol excretes from the camphor trees naturally through cracks in the trunk and bark. It's also harvested from the fissures that run just under the bark of the tree.

Warning: For incense use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take internally. Ingestion can cause severe and even fatal health problems.

Price: $19.75 / 5 grams

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