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Burgundy Pitch Resin (Spruce)(Pini burgundica)- France

Burgundy Pitch Resin (Spruce)(Pini burgundica)- France
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Product Description

Burgundy Pitch (Spruce) resin - Pini burgundica - from France.

Spruce resin has a strong forest-like fragrance when used as incense. The resin is collected and put through a cleaning and melting process to produce a higher quality product. It has a long history of use in many cultures. In the Middle Ages, spruce resin was used for incense burning and medicinal purposes.

Burgundy pitch (Spruce) resin has strengthening and regenerative properties. It also has anti-bacterial properties and can disinfect the air.

In ancient times this spruce resin was used to protect against negative energies and help promote inner peace.

Family: Pinaceae

Synonyms: none known

Origin: North America, Central Europe

Parts Used: resin

Aroma Description: strong forest-like fragrance, balsamic, fresh, slight fruity undertone

Emotional Attributes: cleansing/purifying, strengthening, regenerative

Cosmetic Uses: none known

Culinary Uses: none known

Medicinal Attributes: antibacterial, used for muscular stiffness and rheumatism, as a decongestant, etc.

Element Association: Air

Magical Associations: spirituality, healing, protection, prosperity

Astrological Association: Aquarius, Scorpio

Planetary Association: Mars

Season: Winter

Aromatic Note: Base note

Essential Oil: Yes, steam distilled essential oil is available

Mixes Well With: benzoin, cedar, galbanum, juniper, lavender, oakmoss, pine, pine needles, rosemary, white sage, desert sage, sandarac, etc.

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