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1" Square Charcoal - 24 pieces

1" Square Charcoal - 24 pieces
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Product Description

1" Square Incense Charcoals - 100% all natural made from various roots. This high-quality all natural charcoal is easy to start and maintain. Ideal for use in heating loose incense mixtures, resins, woods chips, and kneaded incense.

Hold charcoal with tweezers and carefully light one edge using a lighter or candle then set inside your fire-proof incense burner.

Wait until lit charcoal is red-hot all over (it will actually turn a whitish-gray). Sprinkle incense next to or on top of the charcoal or bury the charcoal under white chaff ash and sprinkle incense on ash (if also using ash).

Box of 24 pieces. 1" square x 5/16" thick. Burn time approximately 1 hour.

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