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Golden Champa Absolute: India (Michelia champaca)

Golden Champa Absolute: India (Michelia champaca)
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New for 2009!
Golden Champa Absolute - Michelia champaca-India.

This fantastic absolute is extracted from the golden champa flowers in South India and offers you a delicate sweet floral bouquet. In India it is known as the Flower of Paradise. It is often used in high end perfumes and blends well with carnation, rose, violet leaf to name a few. Extracted from the golden flowers of Michelia champaca in South India this exquisite absolute exhibits a delicate sweet floral bouquet that has delightful tea, ylang, and neroli like nuances. It has a very suave and smooth presence with a fine ethereal radiance. In India it is known as the Flower of Paradise. It is used in high class perfumes where it may produce a unique, warm, floral leafy note which is often compared to a fine grade of tea. It blends excellenty with carnation, rose, violet leaf. However its effect is not perceptible unless the absolute is skillfully backed up with rich, but weak smelling blenders(Cabreuva and Guaicwood) and modifiers. Interesting chords can be formed with Lily Magnolia CO2, Saffron Attar, Kadam Attar, Cananga eo, Ylang Abs., Boronia Abs. , Agleia odorata Absolute, Cassie Abs., Elderflower Abs., Mimosa Abs., Henna Flower Attar, Frankincense eo, Labdanum Abs., Cistus eo, , Jasmin sambac Abs, Jasmin auriculatum Abs.(a superb Champa compliment), and Orange Flower Absolute

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