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Now that aromatherapy has become an everyday luxury and top-quality incense can be found in trendsetting boutiques and nationwide retailers everywhere, it's time for the first stylish volume on this ancient tradition. Touching on topics ranging from spirituality to romance to health and well-being, Incense draws on folklore and wisdom from Japan, India, the Pacific, and the Americas. By translating those traditions into practical applications anyone can enjoy, Incense shows how different scents can bring energy, focus, or relaxation to daily life. Suggestions for arousing the senses abound, such as enhancing a meditation session with spicy clove or adding a rich and sensuous juniper aroma to a steamy bath. Incense also describes the variety of incense products available and explains their essential ingredients: flowers, herbs, and oils. Gorgeously rounded out with Susie Cushner's evocative photography, Incense is an elegant gift that soothes the soul and engages the senses.