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Incense Resins, Woods and Herbs; used since antiquity for making fine whole herb incense.

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Makko Base Powder - Asia - Baieido
Toh Makko Powder
Mastic Gum Resin(Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia) - Greece
New-Mastic Gum Powder (Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia) - Greece
Mugwort(Artemisia vulgaris)-Black Sage - Hungary
Muna Muna (Minthostachys setosa) - Peru-1 oz
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Musk Seeds(Übelmoschus moschatus)  - India
Myrrh Gum Resin , Chunks or Pea sized(Commiphora myrrha) - Somalia-Organic
Myrrh Powder(Commiphora myrrha) - Somalia
Rare-Frankincense-Nambia/Omumbiri (Commiphora wildii) Resin (Nambia)
Black Myrrh (Commiphora myrrh negra) -Ethiopia
Oakmoss - France
Onycha - Red Sea
Opoponax  (Sweet Myrrh)(Commiphora opoponax)  - Somalia
Orange Peel Powder(Citrus sinensis)   - Spain
Orris Root (Racine d'Iris) - France
Palo Santo Wood Sticks - Peru
Palo Santo Wood Chunks(Burserea graveolens) - Peru
Palo Santo Wood Chipped  - Peru
Palo Santo Sticks (Jumbo) - Peru
Palo Santo Wood Powder - Peru
Palo Santo Wood Resin
Patchouli Leaves (cut) - India
Patchouli(Pogostemom cabin)-China
Pine Needles (whole)  - Romania
Colophony (Pine Resin)(Colophonium tot.) - Portugal
Pinon Pine Resin  - United States
Pinon Pine Needles - United States
Rose Petal Powder - India
Rosehips (seedless): Certified Organic - USA
Rosemary Powder - Portugal
Saffron Strings (per gram) - Spain
Sage (High Desert/Desert)  - West USA
Sage (White Clusters/Loose) - California
Sandalwood Powder(Santalum album) White  -  India
Sandalwood Powder (Santalum album) Dark - SE Asia
Byakudan / Mysore Sandalwood Chips - Baieido
Sandalwood Pieces (Santalum album) -  IndiaSandalwood Chips(Santalum album) White - India
Sandalwood(Pterocarpus santalinus) Red (chipped or powder)- Burma
Sandarac Gum Resin - Morocco
Spikenard Root - India
Star Anise (Whole/Powder)(Illicium verum) - China
Storax Bark - Turkey
Sweet Grass Braid - Organic - In Stock
Jawee Resin (Benzoin Blend) - Singapore
Balsam of Tolu(Myroxylon toluifera balsamum) - Colombia
Tonka Beans (Whole) - Venezuela
Tragacanth Gum (Powder)  - Turkey
Turmeric Root (Organic) - India
Vanilla Bean Powder  - Madagascar/Superior
Vetiver Root - India
Western Red Cedar Tips - United StatesYerba Santa (Holy Herb) - United States
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