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Japanese Kodo Ceremony & Supplies

Japanese Kodo Ceremony & Supplies
Have fun exploring the relaxing and fragrant world of Japanese Kodo Ceremony through its incense games, known as Kumiko.

Click the links below to enter our Kodo section and learn more about the Kodo ceremony and aloeswood, with instructions on how to prepare a Kodo cup and play incense games.

Kodo Home

What is the Kodo Kai organization?

Introduction to Kodo

How to Prepare a Kodo Cup

Kumiko - Incense Games

History of Kodo


White Chaff Ash - Baieido
A 2 ounce box of fine White Chaff Ash. White Chaff Ash is used to fill your incense cup or bowl as a base material to support burning incense sticks, charcoals or makko trails.

Ash permits charcoals and makko trails to breathe from all sides for a complete and uniform burn. This is much more efficient than using sand, salt, or earth; each of which only permit a flow of oxygen from the above the surface.

Ideal for use with incense sticks, charcoal burning, Kodo ceremony, and makko trail burning.

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Charcoal - Bamboo Small - Baieido
A box of 48 small bamboo charcoal briquettes, fragrance-free and made without sulfur or saltpeter. Ideal for burning loose incense, wood chips, resins and herbs. Also used for Kodo ceremony.

Box of 48 Bamboo charcoals. Burn time approximately 45 minutes.

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Charcoal - Bamboo Large - Baieido
A box of 20 large cylinder shaped bamboo charcoal briquettes, fragrance free and made without sulfur or saltpeter. Burn time approximately 1 hour.

This bamboo charcoal is the most widely used in Japan for the Kodo ceremony. They are also ideal for burning loose incense, wood chips, resins and herbs.

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Mica - Traditional Kodo - Baieido
Traditional Mica Plate for Kodo ceremony, framed with Sterling Silver. Used for heating wood chips.

This 1" square natural mineral plate absorbs heat without cracking and is used in Japanese Kodo practice.

This is one of our favorite methods of burning incense.

In a bowl of ash, a hot charcoal is placed and then buried under a mound of the ash. A vent hole is poked through the top of the mound down to the charcoal. The mica plate is then placed on top of the vent hole and allowed to heat up. Sprinkle your incense ingredient(s) in very small amounts on the mica.

This Kodo method heats the incense ingredient(s) and releases the fragrance(s) without burning the material(s). Kodo style burning with mica produces little or no smoke. See our Koh doh (Kodo) section for more detailed information.

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4 pc. Silver-Plated Utensil Set for Kodo - Baieido
Traditional Koh doh utensils. Contains silver-plated chopsticks, mica plate, ash press spatula and incense tongs.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
7 pc. Silver-Plated Utensil Set for Kodo - Baieido
Traditional silver-plated Kodo utensils 7-piece set.

This elegant 8 piece silver-plated Kodo utensil set contains metal chopsticks, wooden chopsticks, framed mica plate, ash press spatula, incense spoon, incense tongs, and feather.

Everything you need to immerse yourself into the sublime aromatic world of Kodo. Enjoy!
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Official Kodo Kai Cup - Baieido
The official Kodo Kai cup, handmade in California by a skilled Japanese potter.

Finished in green celedon glaze, this beautiful kodo cup is modeled after the formal cup used in a Kodo school in Japan. The kanji for "listening" is molded into the cup.

The Kodo Kai cup measures 3" high with a 3" diameter and though it's designed for use in Kodo, it's a versatile incense cup than can be used to burn sticks, cones, trails or incense over charcoal.

Price: $90 each
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
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Kodo Cup (Incense Cup) - Japanese Porcelain - Baieido
Beautiful imported handmade Japanese Porcelain. This elegant Kodo cup is used traditionally for Kodo ceremony and Kumiko incense games.

Filled with white ash it proves a most versatile incense burner that can be used to burn charcoals, makko trails, and incense sticks or cones.

Three built-in legs keep the cup away from any surface for air circulation and the prevention of heat transfer.

Burn your incense in authentic Kodo style!

Packaged in an attractive wooden box.

Color: Celadon Blue - one of the most sought after porcelain glazes.

These elegant porcelain Kodo cups are special ordered from Japan and can take up to three to four weeks to arrive to us.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Byakudan / Mysore Sandalwood Chips - Baieido
Byakudan sandalwood is the finest grade of sandalwood the Japanese call "Old Mountain." Byakudan is true Mysore Sandalwood, a very rare and wonderfully fragrant heartwood. Accept no imitations and enjoy the best in Sandalwood heartwood.

Made from the legally harvested heartwood of the sandal tree native to Mysore, India. Regulated by India, this grade of sandalwood is quickly becoming difficult to find and only select companies like Baieido, who have been trading with India for over 300 years, can obtain it.

Mysore heartwood has been used for thousands of years in initiation ceremonies as well as for meditation, perfurmery, medicinal use and of course, just simply relaxing and enjoying one of nature's treasures.

Approximately 25 grams of Byakudan chips are packaged in an attractive box decorated with Japanese Kanji.

We must say that this is the most heavenly sandalwood we have ever personally experienced. Great for burning on charcoal, mica, makko, or for use in making your own incense mixtures. Please enjoy!

Family: Santalaceae

Synonyms: Chandan, East Indian sandalwood, white sandalwood, yellow sandalwood, the Great Receiver (due to the oils ability to absorb the aromatic molecules of other oils, hence it's use in true Indian "Attars").

Origin: India, Indonesia, Ceylon, Australia, Pacific Islands, etc. The finest quality comes from the forests of India; Karnataka, Mysore, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Parts Used: heartwood, roots

Aroma Description: soft, sweet, woody base note with a delicate, spicy, oriental undertone

Emotional Attributes: relaxing, cleansing/purifying, strengthening, sleep, meditation, sensuous, love

Cosmetic Uses: perfumery, aromatherapy; skin rejuvenation

Culinary Uses: essence is used to flavor syrups and milk desserts in India

Medicinal Attributes: bittersweet astringent herb that cools the body, calms the mind, relieves spasms, improves digestion. It has diuretic, analgesic and antiseptic effects, often used externally for skin complaints

Element Association: Water

Magical Associations: healing, spirituality, protection, peace

Astrological Association: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Taurus, Aries

Planetary Association: Moon

Season: Spring, Summer

Aromatic Note: Base note

Essential Oil: Yes, steam distilled essential oils and C02 extracts are available. Sandalwood is an widely used base note and fixative for the perfume industry. Threatened Species Alert: The 2007 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species now includes Sandalwood, Santalum album.

Mixes Well With: excellent all around base ingredient - aloeswood, benzoin, borneol camphor, cassia, catnip, cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, clove, copal-black, juniper, labdanum, lavender, musk seed, nutmeg, palo santo wood, patchouli, rhubarb, rose, saffron, sandarac, spikenard, star anise, storax, tolu balsam, turmeric, vanilla, vetiver, etc.

Medical Disclaimer: Information on this web site is for entertainment purposes only. This information is NOT intended as medical advice or for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.

See also our Sandalwood Oil
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Jinko (Aloeswood) Chips - Baieido
Jinko (Aloeswood) has long been the favorite incense ingredient of Japan. Here Baieido presents us with a wonderful box of chipped Indonesian Aloeswood.

Aloeswood (Agarwood) has long been renowned as a reliever of stress. Many treatments in ancient medicine include the use of Aloeswood to cure mental illness. It is said to heal the mind and deepen faith.

It is the preferred incense in many faiths for meditation and ceremonies. We use this Jinko in many of our own hand made incense mixtures.

This is a box of 25 grams of fine Jinko chips from Indonesia.

We also offer:

Extra Jinko Chips
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Raw Aloeswood Sampler
Four premium raw Aloeswoods (agarwood) in an affordable sampler pak. Enjoy exquisite pure aloeswoods from Baieido Incense Co. of Japan; fine incense makers since 1657.

Each Aloeswood Sampler Pak contains 1 gram each of Baieido's four premium raw Vietnamese and Indonesian aloeswoods.

1gm - Hakusui
1gm - Ogurayama
1gm - Tsukigase
1gm - Kokonoenokumo

Ideal for Kodo style incense burning.

Price: $55 / 4 grams total
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Kokonoe no kumo - (Pure Aloeswood) - per gram
Kokonoe no kumo Pure Aloeswood Chunks from Baieido; some of the finest Indonesian Aloeswood found anywhere!

Available by the gram or in a beautiful yellow and gold paisley origami envelope containing 15 grams of pure aloeswood.

Experience the world's most prized incense ingredient; pure aloeswood!

$8.65 - per gram
$37.95 - 5 grams
$68.00 - 15 grams in Origami Package
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Tsukigase - (Pure Aloeswood) - per gram
Sublime Pure Vietnamese Aloeswood (agarwood) from Baieido.

Baieido's masters has been carefully selecting incense ingredients since 1657. Here they present us with beautiful pure chunks of some of the finest Vietnamese Aloeswood available in the world.

Aloeswood is highy valued for its refined and aged aroma. It is used by physicians for treatment of many ailments including mental illness. It is highly psychoactive and is effective in bringing us into a closer communication with our spiritual side.

Experience one of natures finest gifts! Excellent for Koh doh or Tea Ceremony use and of course, for any special time you simply want to enjoy fine Aloes wood.

Tsukigase is the pure aloeswood that is used in Baieido's stick formulas of Kaden Kobunboku and Kai Un Koh.

$12.50 per gram
$55.25 / 5 grams
$116.00 / 15 grams in Origami Package
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Ogurayama - (Pure Aloeswood) - per gram
Ogurayama Pure Aloeswood (agarwood) Chunks from Baieido. Fine Vietnamese Sweet Aloeswood available by the gram or 15 grams packaged in a beautiful gold and peach origami envelope.

Ogurayama is a "sweet" aloeswood; the same aloeswood used in Baieido's Ogurayama sticks, Syukohkoku sticks, and Ensei "sweet aloeswood" sticks.

Experience a truly magnificent Vietnamese sweet aloeswood (agarwood).

$21.25 - per gram
$96.50 - 5 grams
$250.00 - 15 grams in Origami Package
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Hakusui - (Pure Aloeswood) - per gram
Premium Pure Vietnamese Aloeswood (agarwood) in it's purest form, raw aloeswood chunks; each an artform in itself. Here Baieido's incense masters present us with a smoother, more subtle yet "hot" or "spicy" aloeswood in pure chunks.

Hakusui is translated as "White Water" or perhaps "Pure Water."

This is a very high grade of pure aloeswood. Hakusui is the aloeswood used in Baieido's Tokusen Syukohkoku, Koh En, Hakusui and Ensei Spicy aloeswood stick formulas.

Experience one of natures' most prized gifts in the world!

Pure Hakusui is available by the gram or in a beautiful 15 gram Origami package.

$22.75 - per gram
$103 - 5 grams
$270.00 - 15 gram Origami Package
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Raw Green Kyara Aloeswood - 1 gram
Experience true Green Kyara aloeswood; the most treasured grade of the most revered incense ingredient on Earth!

This authentic Green Kyara comes to us from Baieido Incense Company of Japan; purveyors of aloeswood and makers of fine natural incense since 1657.

Words simply cannot describe the experience of true Green Kyara aloeswood. Treat yourself to one of the most exquisite experiences of life!

Price: $495 per gram

Availability: In Stock Now!
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
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Kodo Style Incense Kit - (porcelain traditional)
A complete traditional Japanese style Kodo incense burning kit. Includes Japanese porcelain kodo cup, four aloeswoods, sterling silver utensils, ash, and charcoals; everything you need to heat aloeswood in the traditional style of the Japanese Kodo ceremony (incense appreciation ceremony).

The Kodo method uses a hot bamboo charcoal buried in white ash to heat a small mica plate. A grain of rice sized piece of aloeswood or sandalwood is placed on the mica plate and heated to release its wonderful aroma. No smoke is produced using this method, only the released fragrance of the heated ingredient.

We use this style of burning to play our own version of "Kodo" or "Kumiko" incense games. This is wonderful fun with friends and very pleasing to the senses! (See our Kodo Kai website for more on playing incense games & the kodo ceremony)

Each Traditional Style Kodo Kit Contains:

Handcrafted Elegant Kodo Cup - (Choice of Kodo Kai Cup or Japanese Porcelain)
Sterling Silver Plated Kodo Utensil Set -
(Choice of four piece or eight piece)
White rice ash -
(2oz box)
Bamboo charcoals
(small box / 48 pcs)
Raw Aloeswood Sampler Pak
(4 aloeswoods - 1 gram each)
Instructions Brochure

Enjoy Kodo in traditional style and add an authentic artistic flair to your incense burning. For more information on this style and other Kodo supplies click here

Kodo Kit w/4 pc Utensils - $195
Kodo  Kit w/8 pc Utensils - $280

For the Japanese Porcelain Kodo Cup - Add $18

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Cup:  Utensils: 
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