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Motia (Jasmine) Attar: India (Jasmin Sambac)

Motia (Jasmine) Attar: India (Jasmin Sambac)
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Product Description

A wonderfully fragrant traditional hydro-distilled Jasmine Attar - Jasmin sambac - from Uttar Pradesh, India.

The traditional attars of India are rarely found in their pure form today. An attar is created by a certain proportion of flowers or other aromatic plants, in this case the captivating Jasmin sambac flowers, being put into a copper vessel containing water, sealed and the aromatic vapors produced from a wood or cow dung fire, rises through bamboo pipes and passes into another copper vessel containing sandalwood oil, sitting below the larger distilling one.

There the vapors condense and after the days distillation the water and oil separate, allowing most of the aromatic molecules to become absorbed into the sandalwood oil. The process is repeated for a minimum of 15 days until the sandalwood becomes totally saturated with the perfume of Jasmine.

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