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Jawee Resin (Benzoin Blend) - Singapore

Jawee Resin (Benzoin Blend) - Singapore
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Product Description

From Singapore.

Jawee is a wonderfully sweet, honey-smelling, balsamic resin blend containing copal, dammar gum and benzoin.

It comes to us through the herb markets in Turkey, and for a long time its origins and content were somewhat of a mystery. After an overseas trip in 2009, we discovered that it comes from Singapore. The Arabic/English dictionaries translate Jawee as meaning Benzoin. (Note that Syrian Jawee is a not technically a jawee as it is not benzoin. Nor does it come from Syria!)

Per ounce/28 grams $4.50
Per 4 ounces/112 grams $16.00
Per 1/2 pound/224 grams $30.65
Per pound/448 grams $57.50

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