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Kai Un Koh "Good Fortune" Incense - Baieido

Kai Un Koh "Good Fortune" Incense - Baieido
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Product Description

This ancient Japanese incense formula contains a very dense aloeswood and is highly resinous. Kai Un Koh is made from sandalwood, aloeswood, borneol camphor, clove and other Chinese spices.

Kai un koh is translated as "Opening the Door to Bring Good Fortune."

In the practices of meditation it has long been a goal to open the doorway back to our innate self. Buddhist Sutras refer to this as "knowing the self as it truly is."

We use Kai Un Koh incense quite often during meditation practice.

Small Box (37 grams): $20.00
Large Box (170 grams): $84.00
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