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Kodo Cup (Incense Cup) - Japanese Porcelain - Baieido

Kodo Cup (Incense Cup) - Japanese Porcelain - Baieido
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Product Description

Beautiful imported handmade Japanese Porcelain. This elegant Kodo cup is used traditionally for Kodo ceremony and Kumiko incense games.

Filled with white ash it proves a most versatile incense burner that can be used to burn charcoals, makko trails, and incense sticks or cones.

Three built-in legs keep the cup away from any surface for air circulation and the prevention of heat transfer.

Burn your incense in authentic Kodo style!

Packaged in an attractive wooden box.

Color: Celadon Blue - one of the most sought after porcelain glazes.

These elegant porcelain Kodo cups are special ordered from Japan and can take up to three to four weeks to arrive to us.