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Ancient Egyptian Kyphi-Fresh Cured Batch

Ancient Egyptian Kyphi-Fresh Cured Batch
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For ancient Egyptians, burning incense was a daily celebration of fragrance, and their favorite incense of all was Kyphi.

On a daily basis, the ritualized burning of incense in ancient Egypt consisted of frankincense in the morning, myrrh during the day, and Kapet (Kyphi from the Greek translation) in the evening. According to Egyptologists, Kyphi played an important role as a sacred fragrance in many ceremonies. It was also believed Kyphi could revive the sexuality of the dead.

Various Kyphi recipes were made, some using about a dozen ingredients while others included over fifty. Kyphi recipes are inscribed on the walls of the ancient temples of Edfu and Philae, with pictographs of Kyphi being used and recipes for making it.

Kyphi produces a beautful full-bodied, rich multi-layered bouquet with a warm, relaxing, sweet, spicy and sensual aroma. Here we present our own recreation of this ancient Egyptian incense.

Made of only the finest natural organic and wildcrafted ingredients; red wine, tupelo honey, sultana raisins, storax bark, saffron, sandalwood, aloeswood, frankincense, mastic, benzoin, cardamom seeds, galangal root, lemongrass, rose petals and more.

Kyphi is one of our favorite mixtures to heat on mica!

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