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Lavender Oil: Kashmir (Lavendula Augustifolia) High Mountain/Organic

Lavender Oil: Kashmir (Lavendula Augustifolia) High Mountain/Organic
Item# E016

Product Description

Lavender essential oil - pure - Lavendula augustifolia - organically grown in Kashmir.

The loveliest lavender oil we've ever experienced!

One of the safest and most widely used essential oils, lavender gets its name from the Latin word "lavare" , which means "to wash."

Lavender is suitable for all skin types and has been used as a cell regenerator, to prevent scarring and stretch marks, and to prevent wrinkles.

Lavender is often used to combat nervousness, insommnia, exhaustion, and depression. It is a balancing oil that both stimulates and relaxes oneself.

1/3 ounce $15.39
1 oz $41.04

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