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Blue Lotus Oil (absolute) -India (Nymphaea caerulea)

Blue Lotus Oil (absolute) -India (Nymphaea caerulea)
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Blue lotus absolute, Nymphaea caerulea, grown in India.This Blue Lotus Absoluite, once again from India, compared to the previous oil we carried from Sri Lanka, displays a intense sweet, powdery floral note, and has a softer, more natural scent, closer to the natural scent that you may experience from a Blue Lotus pond. As it enters dry out phase a complex powdery/resinous/herbaceous note appears upon the top of which hoovers a delicate ethereal floral note which weaves in and out of the heart not. .

a.k.a. Blue Lotus, Sacred Blue Lotus, Blue Lily of the Nile, Blue Water Lily, Egyptian Lotus, Egyptian Lily, Blue Lotus of the Nile

Characteristics : Day Blooming, non viviparous, Free flowering. Native to North and Central Africa. Petals color is light blue

This is the Blue Lotus represented in ancient Egyptian art. The Blue Lotus was found scattered over Tutankhamen's body when the Pharaoh's tomb was opened in 1922. Many historians thought it was a purely symbolic flower but there maybe some reason to believe that Egyptians used it to induce an ecstatic state, stimulation, and hallucinations, in addition to its wide use as a general remedy against illness.

The Blue Lotus provides a relaxing, euphoric sensation which helps to relieve muscle spasms. The Egyptian Blue Lotus is a sedative. It was used in ancient Egypt as a key to good health, sex and rebirth. It may act as an aphrodisiac.

The perfume of this flower was not only pleasing to the Egyptians, but they saw it as healing as well. Some people today believe that the Egyptians used this flower as a narcotic both for its healing qualities and as a recreation drug when soaked in wine, though this is a hotly debated topic. The Blue Lotus was sacred to the ancient Egyptians, as an ornamental and for its sweet smelling aroma.

Many people believe when Nymphaea caerulea was smoked or drank after being soaked in water or wind , it acted as an intoxicant. The Blue Lotus contain Aporphine, apomorphine, which is dopamine agonist, nuciferine which is an antispasmodic. The Blue Lotus flower was considered to be a magical, sacred flower and it appears as a common motif in numerous ancient Egyptian paintings. The flower was sometimes used in order to induce and ecstatic state and hallucinations.

The Blue Lotus was also know in Egypt as a symbol of the universe, fertility, and sexuality.

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