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Mica - Traditional Kodo - Baieido

Mica - Traditional Kodo - Baieido
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Product Description

Traditional Mica Plate for Kodo ceremony, framed with Sterling Silver. Used for heating wood chips.

This 1" square natural mineral plate absorbs heat without cracking and is used in Japanese Kodo practice.

This is one of our favorite methods of burning incense.

In a bowl of ash, a hot charcoal is placed and then buried under a mound of the ash. A vent hole is poked through the top of the mound down to the charcoal. The mica plate is then placed on top of the vent hole and allowed to heat up. Sprinkle your incense ingredient(s) in very small amounts on the mica.

This Kodo method heats the incense ingredient(s) and releases the fragrance(s) without burning the material(s). Kodo style burning with mica produces little or no smoke. See our Koh doh (Kodo) section for more detailed information.

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