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We reintroduce an old favorite!

Neroli Oil(Citrus aurantium amara) Egypt-New
Neroli Oil(Citrus aurantium amara) Egypt-New
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Product Description

Due to numerous requests we bring back Neroli Oil(Citrus aurantium amara) to add to our list of top premium essential oils. Neroli Oil is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, the oil extracted by steam distillation. The blossoms are harvested in April and May. It features a honey like citrus scent and blends well with any citrus oil, most floral absolutes and more.Many people around the world use it as an antidepressant,antiseptic, sedative and for digestive problems. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU MAY FIND THIS OIL ON THE INTERNET AT LOWER PRICES BUT IT MOST LIKELY IS NOT PURE.