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Steam Distilled & Aged 2 Plus Years

Patchouli Essential Oil-Aged / Certified Organic (Pogostemon Cablin)
Patchouli Essential Oil-Aged / Certified Organic (Pogostemon Cablin)
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Product Description

We're pleased to bring back a Superior aged Patchouli Oil. The fragrance of Pogostemon cablin or "Patchouli" became popular in the United States during the counter culture era in the 1960's. For many people who grew up during that period the aroma has strong associations for better or worse. Unfortunately the aroma that was associated with that time was often a product of synthetic formulations or poor distillations and has sometimes given the actual aroma of a well-distilled oil a poor name. In contrast to many store bought Patchouli oils, ours is produced from properly matured leaves that have been distilled in stainless steel vessels. Our aged Patchouli displays very soft, subtle, precious woods-herbaceous notes that few associate with this plant. Those oils are also very light in color as compared to the darker colored oils that come from crude iron distilling vessels. The plant Pogostemon cablin is an "aromatic, herbaceous, perennial shrub, with erect stems, large green leaves and small white-pink flowers.The essential oil is contained mainly in glands on underside of leaves.

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