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Rose Attar

Rose Attar
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Product Description

This delightful Monsoon Rose Attar is from the smaller Rosa damascena crop that comes just at the end of the monsoon rains in Uttar Pradesh, India. It appears in the month of September.

A well made Rose Attar adds an important dimension to the essence of damascena rose. The Rose Attar captures a certain fullness in the bouquet which is seldom encountered in other rose products. The heart notes are very strong in this attar.

The process of capturing those notes is a long and slow one requiring a minimum of 15 days of distilling fresh roses into sandalwood.

This process can go on for up to 25 days giving the sandalwood a richer and richer ethereal rose odor. Such lengthy distillations are seldom done these days but are slowly being brought back into practice.

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