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Ruh Khus (Vetivert) - India (Vetiveria zizanoides) Superior

Ruh Khus (Vetivert) - India (Vetiveria zizanoides) Superior
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Product Description

Ruh Khus -- Hydro distilled Vetiveria zizanoides from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Authentic Production Oil

Vetivert is called the "Oil of Tranquility" in India, and is one of the most ancient and popular of all essential oils in Southeast Asia. Vetivert has natural refrigeration properties and used as a perfume cools the body. Screens made from Vetivert roots cool homes and buildings in many Asian countries.

Vetivert strengthens the nervous system, reduces anxiety, stress, tension, and depression. Has a balancing effect, helps to stabilize energy. Deeply relaxing and calming, useful for insomnia. Helps to concentrate and organize scattered thoughts and overcome intellectual fatigue--it is one of nature's tranquilizers.

Ruh Khus is a field hydro distillation of Vetivert. By doing the distillation while the roots are fresh, the best quality oil is produced.

A Ruh takes more time to distill, as the temperature is lower. As the receiver fills with condensate, the water is removed from the bottom leaving only the oil in the receiver. The hydrolate is then reused and more roots are added to the retort. This is done several times until very rich oil is produced.

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