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Not available at this time. The government in Sri Lanka has placed a temporary ban on the export of the oil.

Sandalwood Oil  -  Sri Lanka
Sandalwood Oil - Sri Lanka
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Certified Organic

This current batch of sandalwood oil is distilled exclusively from the roots of old trees that were harvested several years ago. When the sandalwood industry began to reawaken in Sri Lanka, (Santalum album is indigenous to Sri Lanka and has played a central role in the religious traditions of the country), there were not enough controls in place to manage the proper harvest and replanting of the older trees.

At that time the harvesters did not want the trouble of digging out the roots, which is a very difficult and tedious job. But richest oil is contained in the dense heartwood of the roots .

The distiller from whom we procure the oil has been a pioneer in organic horticulture in Sri Lanka and was able to gain permission to dig out the roots from the trees which had been harvested, as he has been one of the major players in re-establishing the industry in his country and has a good relationship with the government as a result.

For every root they dig, they have planted 20 new trees. To date, he and his staff have planted 10,000 new trees both on forest service land and on his own plantations. The trees have been growing vigorously and have begun reseeding themselves. He has also developed some organic horticultural techniques for assisting the trees to mature more quickly and producing the sandalwood heartwood.

It is still 5-10 years before the oldest trees(which are now 20 years of age) begin to have a significant amount of aromatic heartwood but from that point forward, there will be an increased supply of this precious oil. The increased awareness between the growers, distillers and government forest department on how to manage sandalwood groves for future generations and the strict regulations that are now in place governing sandalwood trading in Sri Lanka offer a lot of positive hope that this ancient and precious wood and its oil may be enjoyed for generations to come.

Properties of Sri Lanka Sandalwood Santalum album: The viscous pale yellow oil displays a soft, sweet, elegant, balsamic, precious woods slight spicy, bouquet with a somewhat animalic undertone . The passage from top note to base note becomes softer, sweeter, richer and more mellow with the passage of time. The unique aspect of the sandalwood bouquet is its quiet rich stability within its aromatic parameters. It has a special harmonizing and elevating dimension with almost all other essences that comes in its contact.

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