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Syukohkoku - Long Box - Baieido

Syukohkoku - Long Box - Baieido
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Product Description

The Syukohkoku fine incense series adds a very high grade and content of fine Aloeswood to a sandalwood and herbal incense.

Dawn breaks! People from many walks of life are gathered together in aromatic union, the spirit of Koh (incense) unites all.

"Syu" (shu) means Gather, "Koh" means Incense, "Koku" means Country.

Syukohkoku incense can help in providing motivation and devotion to our practice of meditation. General guideline uses: Relaxation, Shikantanza, Koan practice, Mandala, Vipassana, Condensing Breathing, etc.

Code Product Weight Price Price per gram Approx # of sticks
579 Small Bundle 20 grams $18 .90 cents 50
575 Flat Box 60 grams $48.00 .67 cents 150
571 Long Box/ Bundle 75 grams $60.00 .80 cents 90