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Tsukigase - (Pure Aloeswood) - per gram

Tsukigase - (Pure Aloeswood) - per gram
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Product Description

Sublime Pure Vietnamese Aloeswood (agarwood) from Baieido.

Baieido's masters has been carefully selecting incense ingredients since 1657. Here they present us with beautiful pure chunks of some of the finest Vietnamese Aloeswood available in the world.

Aloeswood is highy valued for its refined and aged aroma. It is used by physicians for treatment of many ailments including mental illness. It is highly psychoactive and is effective in bringing us into a closer communication with our spiritual side.

Experience one of natures finest gifts! Excellent for Koh doh or Tea Ceremony use and of course, for any special time you simply want to enjoy fine Aloes wood.

Tsukigase is the pure aloeswood that is used in Baieido's stick formulas of Kaden Kobunboku and Kai Un Koh.

$12.50 per gram
$55.25 / 5 grams
$116.00 / 15 grams in Origami Package