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White Lotus Oil - (absolute) -: India (Nelumbo nucifera)

White Lotus Oil  - (absolute) -: India (Nelumbo nucifera)
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Authentic White Lotus oil (absolute - Nelumbo nucifera) from Tamil Nadu, India, wild harvested, distilled from flowers.

The beautiful, captivating fragrance of PURE White Lotus Essential Oil. This rare floral scent comes to us from India.

When the word "lotus" is spoken, it creates in the mind an image of perfect beauty for those who have beheld this wondrous flower. With its roots anchored in the mud of the pond or lake in which it lives, it rises up through the water to bloom on a stately stalk. Whether its color is blue, pink or white, the same elegant form presents itself. In the early morning before the dawn rays cause its petal to unfold, it stands erect and serene in the pose of the folded hands as when people greet each other in India and other Eastern countries. The graceful enfolding of the radiant inner core of the flower by the outer petals in the cool pre-dawn hours reminds one of the patience and calmness one must have while dealing with the many visitudes of life.

If somehow one can maintain a serene equipoise so sublimely embodied in the lotus blossom prior to unfolding, then when the mind is touched by the spirit of truth it can blossom in an unassuming manner, revealing the golden radiance which always exists in the heart. Then just as the unfolding petals of the lotus release their fragrance into the morning air; fresh, innocent, and pure, so can a person release the natural fragrance of true contentment, kindness, forgiveness and love into the environment in which they live.

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